Postal Test Series Programme For SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam (English Medium)

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Postal Test Series Programme For SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam (English Medium)

Dear candidate we have launched postal test series programme for SSC CHSL (10+2) Examination.

As you all know SSC CHSL Examination is the most crucial stage of the SSC Exam Preparation because it enable you to face the next stage, because if you fail to clear written exam, your dreams are over before it starts to blossom. So I emphatically recommend you all to focus on practicing in written exam. Most of the candidates appearing for the examination have a lot of knowledge, but lack practice and thus they fumble at the examination hall. They are not able to present all the information/knowledge in a coherent and logical manner to choose the right answer.

Don’t you think it’s funny that students pay around Rs 15000/- for coaching classes and they don’t do & get what they ultimately have to do or get, i.e. PRACTICE? Coaching classes also mint money by conducting mock exams or so called 'TEST SERIES' and students pay again.

Unless you test yourself at regular intervals you will not really know how good your level of preparation really is or which areas require more attention, which topic you skipped earlier and most importantly, you will not gain confidence or the right attitude for clearing the written Exam.

In preparing for any exam there are basically three things which ultimately aspirants are expected to do READ, REVISE and RECALL. Triple R strategy. But for putting this Strategy on paper you will have to adapt only one strategy and it is PRACTICE, PRACTICE & PRACTICE.

Try to stimulate the actual examination hours to judge your performance and to plug any loopholes. The bottom line is your study strategy should devote more time for Practicing than for reading alone. PRACTICE MORE than you read.

Dear candidate that’s why we at SSCPORTAL.IN compelled to launch this stand out TEST SERIES for SSC CHSL Examination.

Our objective:

  • Our main objective is to evaluate you performance before the actual examination.
  • Give all kind of assistance which is required to rectify your weakness before the examination.

Our strategy

  • Formulate the question in accordance with latest SSC CHSLE pattern that is concept based.
  • Evaluate your performance section wise so that you would able to know your weaker section.
  • Then evaluate your performance in a comprehensive manner.

What you will get.

  1. You will get 12 comprehensive test.
    • We will dispatch 12 Test papers along with OMR sheets to your given postal address.
  2. OMR sheets will be provided to the candidate along with the test papers.
  3. Answers of the test would be sent along with the test papers

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